About Me

I have a thing with giving old, run down furniture new life.To take an old piece of furniture and  transform it into an admirable piece, provides satisfaction and pleasure.I use spray painting and hand painting techniques to achieve unbelievable results. To achieve the best results, proper planning should be done. A decision must be made of the best paint and colour to be used. Sometimes the piece will dictate what special painting techniques to use. In some cases I am pleasantly surprised when old paint or varnish is removed and I find a rare hardwood piece that simply cannot be painted but the should rather be restored to show off the original wood finish.

My hobby has turned into a small business and it has been growing at a steady rate over the last few years. I want to share my experience and assist people who have an interest in furniture refinishing to do the same. I have written two ebooks that can be viewed on Amazon . The one deals with starting a refinishing business and the other is a guide for beginners on how to spray paint furniture.