Sunday, December 18, 2016

Revamp your kitchen

Revamping kitchen cabinets is a major project. Take time to consider all the options before you jump in.

Replace or remodel

This is the most expensive option and depends on what you want to achieve with your kitchen. To remodel a small kitchen can vary between  $5000 and $10000. A full scale remodeling of a modern kitchen and replacement of appliances, lighting, floors etc can go up to $50 000.Apart from that it is not a job that the homeowner should tackle on his own. Professionals and sub-contractors such as a plumber, electrician etc will be involved.

European style kitchen
A less expensive option is where you decide to replace the doors and drawer fronts and have them made by a cabinet maker. The boxes and other fixed units are kept intact and the painting or refinishing can be done by yourself.


Restoration is an option when the cabinets have an acceptable color but need some cleaning and some light repairs such as replacing worn hinges or door handles, knobs etc. This is a quick and cheap option but can make a difference in the style of the kitchen.


If you like the original wood look and you feel that the existing finish is acceptable but need a new coat to brighten it up, you can always apply a fresh coat of varnish or polyurethane sealer. This can be a risky option especially if you do not know what type of finish was previously applied – varnish, lacquer, shellac etc. It is always best to first test the new finish on the inside of a door  where it will be less visible. A less risky option is to use a furniture wax to brighten up the old finish.


Painting is the only option that will transform your kitchen into something totally new. The main advantage is that you can do it yourself and if you follow the basic principles the end result will be professional and pleasing. A painted finish will cover up most of the imperfections of the old finish and if done properly will stay beautiful for many years – and if do not like it you can always repaint it.

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